Continued Growth

ISM-Atlanta Committees Directly Related to Your Continued Growth As a Purchasing Professional:

Professional Development Committee
Scope of Responsibility:
To develop and implement programs, which will contribute to the useful knowledge and professional qualifications of the members of the Association.

Public Relations Committee
Scope of Responsibility:
The Public Relations (PR) Chair is responsible for developing and maintaining a program of activities that will keep the public aware of the activities of the Association, and of each member’s significant progress and achievement. To enhance the image of purchasing, the local PR Chair is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and maintaining lines of communications with members, newspapers, radio, television, magazines, in-plant publications and other professional groups and/or societies concerning the activities of the Association and its individual members.

Membership Committee
Scope of Responsibility:
It is the committee's responsibility to recruit new members and to provide new member orientation. The committee monitors and encourages attendance for all affiliate programs; is responsible for monitoring membership renewals, providing retention programs, as well as assisting with hospitality functions at affiliate programs.