How It Works

The following guidelines have been approved by the Board of ISM-Atlanta and apply to all library activity:

  • A deposit is required for certain articles checked out
  • Reference Text - $65.00 each
  • Video Tape - $25.00 each
  • Diagnostic Kit - $35.00 each


Deposit checks, either personal or employer, are to be made payable to ISM-Atlanta and will be held until the article(s) checked out is/are returned.  Items picked up from the librarian at the regularly scheduled meetings of ISM-Atlanta are free of shipping and handling charges.

If direct and immediate shipment is desired, please email PDF of UPS or Fedex mailing label to cover cost of shipping to [email protected]. Returns can be made at the dinner meetings (at which time you may retrieve your deposit), or pre-paid delivery to address of current librarian.

Normal duration of Item use is a maximum of 30 days. Be sure to contact the librarian to request an extension to avoid forfeiture of deposit. Loan may not exceed 30 days if request has been made by another member.