2021 May Meeting - READY vs PREPARED: Which one you should focus on and why?

May 20, 2021
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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This talk is designed to provide inspiration and tools for professionals that strive to create their own EXECUTABLE Individual Professional Development plan (EIDP), so that they can reach their full potential and achieve their career objectives. It helps to jumpstart their own professional development. The talk is based on our book “It Starts and Ends with EIDP” and covers our proven 9-step EIDP process:
• Differences between being ready and being prepared
• Why having an EIDP matters?
• Why most individuals don’t have an EIDP?
• The 9 steps of creating and executing and EIDP.
• Concrete tools, tips, and tricks for each step.
• Ample Q&A time for guidance and discussions.
Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States of America, said, “The best way to predict [your] future is to create it.” With 86% of professionals not knowing how create and execute their professional individual development plans, combined with the fact that, 78% professionals are not clear whose responsibility is to develop them, which ultimately creates implicit conflict and frustration between the managers and employees.
To address these issues, to be able to predict your professional future, you have to create and execute your executable individual development plan. In another word, you have to take responsibility for your development, learn how to go about doing it, and surround yourself with the appropriate support network. You also have to know what the major obstacles to your progress are and what to do about each of them.
The nine steps process of creating your executable individual development plan helps you not only be ready but also be prepared for the opportunities that are heading your way.


About the Speaker

Jasmin NUHIC is an international speaker, author, facilitator and consultant. He wrote and published number of books, including “It Starts and Ends with EIDP” and “Leaders Develop First.” Jasmin is passionate about professional development of self and others, and is a founding partner of Partners in Professional Development®, organization that focuses on having YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS DEVELOPED™.
Jasmin obtained his bachelor’s degree in Science and holds two master’s degrees in Business and Executive Leadership. He is certified in Coaching, Ethical Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Intelligence. He has global experience in leading and developing individuals and teams. Jasmin is interested in helping organizations and individuals reach their full potential and achieve their business/career objectives.
Amazon Author’s Page: https://amzn.to/3pfczrn


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Jasmin NUHIC